Leadership Pioneer Valley Announces New Path Forward

SPRINGFIELD, MA- Last month, Leadership Pioneer Valley’s board of directors approved their plan for the next 6 months. The plan creates new leadership development options aimed at addressing the needs of the wider community. Leadership in a pandemic necessitates both a state-wide and national perspective, as such, LPV will continue to collaborate with programs across the Commonwealth and participate in the National Leadership Alumni Network– a first of its kind. They will also continue offering sessions exploring creating more equitable workplaces and communities. These programs and others in the works are designed to address the needs of LPV alumni and the wider community.

LPV’s signature LEAP program, a nine-month regional leadership development program for emerging leaders, will be pushed back to January of 2021, and will be a hybrid of virtual and in-person programming that prioritizes safety while building engaging connections. This fall LPV will offer a number of new opportunities including small Leadership Luncheons, a Leader Roundtable series, and a new Adaptive Leadership Series. All sessions will begin virtually and transition to in-person when feasible.

“Like almost every organization and family, the pandemic and its consequences have required that LPV reconsider how we fulfill our mission and continue to serve our region. The Board and Executive Director have had numerous conversations with our supporters, employers, alumni and each other to create this Path Forward, which we feel will do just that,” remarked Russell Peotter, Board Chair of Leadership Pioneer Valley.

Leadership Pioneer Valley is using this worldwide pause to pilot new programs that bring value and can be part of the future LPV portfolio. For more information on the LEAP Program and new trainings, visit www.leadershippv.org.