David Woods photo

"Leadership Pioneer Valley identifies and connects a diverse and ever growing group of leaders from all parts of the Valley who will form the strong and interconnected foundation for the future growth and success of our region."

David Woods, Woods Financial Group

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"LPV is transforming the paradigm of how our leaders think and act. There is a deliberate focus on fostering a sense of ownership for the region – that we have interdependent roles in the Valley."

Suzanne Beck, Northampton Chamber of Commerce

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“ Leadership pioneer Valley is actively cultivating an important resource in the Valley: compassionate and communicative leaders who want to make our Valley a more accessible and viable home for all who seek it.”

                                                                                           Kelsey Flynn, MassMutual

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"The Pioneer Valley has an enormous inventory of geographically dispersed and hidden talent. LPV is the catalyst for identifying, training, and connecting the future leaders of this region and is the pathway for effective leadership for generations to come."

Jeffrey I. Fialky, Bacon Wilson, P.C.

Annmarie Golden

"Through Leadership Pioneer Valley, I have gained a deeper understanding of the history and roots of the Pioneer Valley and grown my personal and professional connections so that I can reach beyond to make a difference in my community for the benefit of the region.”

Annamarie K. H. Golden, Class of '11-12, Baystate Health


Jeffrey I. Fialky photo

"I know that there are many talented individuals in the community who have not been given the opportunity to take on leadership roles. Leadership Pioneer Valley is actively seeking out these folks and offering them the leadership training they need to make a difference. LPV's goal is to connect diverse leaders in the region - that is their mission."

Ronn Johnson, R. D. Johnson Consulting

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"Emerging leaders from every community in the Valley will come together to learn leadership skills and will form bonds that will enable them to lead this region to the bright future it deserves."

Al Griggs, Past Chair, EDC and Community Foundation of Western Mass


Madeline Landrau

"Participating in the LPV program provided me with an opportunity to build on my leadership blueprint, focusing on the many roles of a leader including; coach, communicator, change agent and relationship builder.  In addition, the program brought to light the importance of establishing a vision and ways to keep a vision alive. It has also emphasized the critical need for good communication skills, the importance of responding effectively to change and helping others do the same, and the need to build collaborative relationships so that we can all work in concert. I would highly recommend this program to others! 

Madeline Landrau, Class of '11-12, MassMutual Financial Group.

Waleska Lugo-DeJesus photo

"LPV is paving the way to personal achievement for professionals that need to get one step ahead, want to hold higher roles in the Valley, or need guidance to join an influential board in the community.

Progress for cultural diversity is in every conversation, and LPV is making a positive impact for sustainable social change in our community.”

Waleska Lugo-DeJesus, Healing Racism Institute of the Pioneer Valley



"This program has challenged me, reminded me, taught me, and inspired me to be a better leader and humbled me at times.  I will finish this program a more complete leader and better person."

Tony Maroulis, Class of '11-12, Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce

Marla Michel photo"LPV understands that the way to a bright future for our Pioneer Valley is by intentional skill and relationship development for the most promising leaders of all of our communities. That’s what I call reaching beyond."

Marla Michel, UMass Amherst & Scibelli Enterprise Center at STCC


Calvin McFadden photo"Leadership Pioneer Valley has been an absolute treat, particularly for someone like me being new to the area. It has served as a family connection while also broadening my network of professional relationships."

Rev. Calvin McFadden, Class of '11-12, St. John's Congregational Church

Kelvin Molina"The tools and insights I've learned from LPV have been incredibly valuable to my personal and professional life.  LPV provided me a unique opportunity to reflect and focus on personal values influencing my leadership style and ability” 

Kelvin Molina, Class of '11-12, HAP Housing


Julia Ortiz photo

"Leadership Pioneer Valley is for emerging leaders who aspire to grow beyond where they are today….fostering regional collaboration with a culturally diverse mindset ."

Julia Ortiz, Community Advocate

Guiseppe Pernicaro Photo"Being new to the area, Leadership Pioneer Valley has afforded me the opportunity to connect with some of the valley's finest young leaders.  Together, we've started a journey of leadership, greatness!"

Giuseppe Perniciaro, Class of '11-12, Western Mass. Electric Company





Karen Phelan photo

"Leadership Pioneer Valley inspires emerging new leaders to sharpen their skills with a focus on the total person. The program celebrates and embraces all aspects of leadership and creates a deeper connection that hits at both the mind and the heart."

Karen Phelan

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"There has been a void in nurturing young men and women - giving them opportunities to develop their leadership skills beyond an initial program to encourage them to continue to collaborate and grow.

Leadership Pioneer Valley is a training program that is broader and more strategic in its approach. It is looking to support young men and women who are already in leadership roles not just in business, but across many different sectors: in companies, in nonprofits, and in communities. That’s when we’ll see change - when there is recognition of where we are in our work and our community life.

Leadership Pioneer Valley is inclusive of different perspectives, different cultures, and different sectors. Diversity of thought is so important; when we blend our different perspectives, we may come up with a better solution."

Dora Robinson, United Way of Pioneer Valley


“Participation in Leadership Pioneer Valley has been an invaluable experience for me.  I was born and raised in the Pioneer Valley, then lived outside of the area for over 10 years after college before choosing to return with my family.  The Leadership Pioneer Valley program has enabled me to immediately connect with an extremely talented group of aspiring leaders and re-connect myself to the region as a whole.” 

Adam Robinson, Class of '11-12, Ostberg & Associates


Hector Toledo photo

"LPV provides a place for the future leaders of the Pioneer Valley to learn how to harness their potential - giving them the tools and knowledge required to make a significant impact on the region's future."

Hector Toledo, Hampden Bank

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