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Leadership Pioneer Valley (LPV) is pleased to offer a series of bite-sized training sessions to enhance your leadership skills and understanding of the region.  Sessions are open to LPV alumni and other emerging and established leaders.  Leadership is a lifelong process and we want to be there along the way with resources to help you succeed.  Our trainers are experts in their fields and leaders in the region.  This is a great way to experience LPV or build upon your LPV experience.

 Join us for the entire series or pick and choose individual sessions.  Deepen your skills, make new connections, and make a bigger impact in the region.

2016 Series

Tuesday, March 29

Art of the Schmooze

Presenter: Robbie Samuels

5:30 pm- 8pm

$99 or $50 member

Dinner included



Do you feel awkward at networking events and uncomfortable making new connections? Do you miss opportunities to connect with new donors, community members and colleagues because you don’t know the best way to approach them at events? Whether you're in sales, fundraising, marketing or participate on a board of directors, connecting with others is an essential skill.

 Robbie Samuels has been recognized as a networking expert by Inc. and Lifehacker, and profiled inStand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It by Dorie Clark.


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Thursday, April 28

Make a Bigger Difference, Be a Better Board Member

Presenters: Dr. Louis  Abbate, Pres. Emeritus, Willie Ross School for the Deaf,  and Beth Spong, Rainmaker Consulting

5:30- 8:00 pm

$20 or FREE member

Dinner included



This interactive workshop will deliver a comprehensive overview to help new and seasoned board members increase their capacity to be purposeful and fulfilled leaders. 

Dr. Abbate has 30+ years of experience in building and serving onnon-profit boards of directors. 

Beth Spong has experience as an Executive Director, board member, and consultant to boards.


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Creating An Engaging Workplace

Presenter: Charlie Epstein, Epstein Financial

8:30- 12:00 pm

$99 or $50 member 

breakfast included


 What does it take to create an Engaged Organization? How do you encourage and nurture "self-managing employees" and 
A Self Managing Company? What is your Massive Transformative Purpose! (MTP) ?

Author, Entrepreneur, and The 401k Coach, Charlie Epstein will share his 35 years of success both as an owner of 4 companies and a coach to over 4,000 financial professional and thousands of business owners, professionals and individuals.


Meetings That Matter

Presenter: Mistinguette Smith

8:30- 12:00 pm


$99 or $50 members


Ever sat through an unproductive meeting?  Were you frustrated?  Meeting design and facilitation is an essential skill for leaders.  Gain practical foundation in how to design positive, inclusive, and effective group meetings, sessions and workshops

Mistinguette Smith is a regular trainer for LPV’s core program.  She has many years of experience as a facilitator and trainer with the Interaction Institute for Social Change and other organizations.  A resident of Northampton, Massachusetts since 1997, Mistinguette worked in the nonprofit and public sector for more than two decades.




Thursday, Dec. 14

The Three Hour Personal Brand

Presenter: Angela Lussier

5:00-8:30 pm


$99 or $50 members


You’ve heard the term “personal brand,” but what does it mean? Does everyone need one? How does it help you? In this interactive, fast paced workshop,

Angela Lussier, an award-winning speaker, author, and business coach, will demystify this business practice while teaching you the steps to create your very own personal brand in just three hours.

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